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The Impact Assessment is part of the Intellectual Output 3 and it has been created through each of the six partner organisations creating a National Impact and Assessment, Positional Analyses and Sustainability Reports. These were created at the end of the piloting phase of the tools that were created by the partnership of IO3.


In this section you can find the impact of Access Enterprise project and a series of tools to be  will include the creation of a skills assessment framework documenting the journey of the entrepreneur. The aims of the EU- Impact Assessment report and the Impact Assessment Toolkit.

The Impact Assessment Toolkit includes a series of tools that can be used:

• To measure the personal skills and professional impact that using the Access Enterprise Method and resources has had on the Entrepreneurs.

• To measure the personal, social and professional impact that using the Access enterprise  method and resources will have on the Business Advisers/Coaches.

• To measure the development of professional competences of  both the Entrepreneurs/Business Advisers as part of Access Enterprise methodology.



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